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London 3 + Singapore

14 August 2016

Duncan MacDonald  
Jakarta    12   October   2016  
1-Shinta Buckingham Palace

       Shinta           Buckingham    Palace              

2-Buckingham Palace

 Buckingham     Palace                                                                         Queen Victoria     Memorial          

3-Shinta Buckingham Palace

  Shinta             Buckingham   Palace  

4-Queen Victoria memorial

  Queen   Victoria     Memorial    

5 Shinta Horse Guards

    Shinta   Wellington   Arch                                                                                               Horse   Guards

6 Horse Guards

      Horse     Guards      

Britains Household Cavalry adopted the cuirass   (a piece of armour consisting of breastplate and backplate fastened together)  
in 1821 in recognition of their success against their armoured French counterparts in the 1816 Battle of Waterloo

7-Shinta Horse Guards

                                                      Shinta     photographing  the   Horse   Guards      

8- The Royal Regiment of Artillery Memorial 1914-19

      The  Royal  Regiment  of  Artillery  Memorial  1914-1919      

9-Harrods helecopter

                                          Harrods    Knightsbridge          

Knightsbridge chopper   during the entire three hours we we were in Knightsbridge, a helecopter hovered overhead - checking for terrorists ?        

Shinta Kuwait consular cars

Kuwait   consular cars   in   Knightsbridge  No-parking zone      Shinta          

White horses Harrods

White   Horse   Carriage          Harrods  

Shinta Caffe Concerto

                                                    Caffe   Concerto   Knightsbridge                                                                         Shinta   enjoying scones

Shinta buying souvenirs

    Shinta in Knightsbridge                                                                                       Shinta shopping for souvenirs

Shinta Knightsbridge

                                Knightsbridge                                                                                         Shinta   Brompton Rd   Knightsbridge

Shinta Pullman Hotel

    Shinta     Pullman Hotel                                                                                       Euston Rd from Hotel            

Shinta Singapore gang

15th August   -   We fly home to Jakarta  via   Singapore
  16th August     -     We were graciously entertained by the   Singapore Gang    including:     Andrew   Rosa   Shinta   Duncan

After a very enjoyable trip, it was good to be home.   However, I must say we were blessed with good weather and blue skies in the UK.        

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