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9 August 2016

Duncan MacDonald  
Jakarta    5   October   2016  
1 Dirleton

The   Castle   Inn     Dirleton   Castle

2 Dirleton

                        Shinta       Frank                                                                                            Dirleton     Castle            

3 Dirleton castle

            Dirleton     Castle                      

4 Dirleton Frank Shinta

  Frank      Shinta             Dirleton  Castle  

      Dirleton Castle is in the village of Dirleton, East Lothian, Scotland. It lies around 2 miles (3 km) west of North Berwick and 19 miles (30 km ) east of Edinburgh. It was built around 1240 by John De Vaux.   During the Wars of Scottish Independence, it was severly damaged when twice taken by the English.
        In the 14th century Dirleton was repaired by the Haliburton family  and was acquired by the Ruthvens in 1505. The Ruthvens   were involved in several plots against Mary Queen of Scots  and King James VI   and forfeited the castle in 1600.  Dirleton ceased to be a residence, although Oliver Cromwell  besieged the castle to force out a band of marauders in 1650, during the Third English Civil War - the castle was intensely damaged. The castle was then acquired by John Nisbet, Lord Dirleton  in 1660.

4 Dirleton Frank Shinta

  Frank     Shinta               Dirleton   Castle    

6 Dirleton Shinta

                  Shinta                                                                                                 Dirleton     Castle  

7 Dirleton Castle

  Dirleton     Castle

8 Dirleton Castle

  Dirleton      Castle     

9 Dirleton

            Dirleton   Castle              

10 Dirleton sheep

                           Dirleton   Castle       Hall                                                                       Dirleton   sheep

11 Dirleton

                                                    Dirleton     Castle          

12 Dirleton Castle

          Dirleton     Castle              

13 Dirleton  Gardens

        Dirleton  Castle     Gardens          

      Dirleton's fortunes were revived in the 1660s by their new owners, the Nisbet family. They built a new mansion house nearby to live in and made the castle ruins the central feature of their new landscape.   They also breathed new life into the spendid gardens, now home to the world' longest botanical border. The Nisbets   handed Dirleton into state care in 1923.   The ruins and gardens are now maintained by Historic Scotland.

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