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Coldstream  Scotland

7 August 2016

Duncan MacDonald  
Jakarta  2  October   2016  
1 Coldstream

    To     Coldstream             

2 Coldstream

  To   Coldstream        

3 Coldstream

  To   Coldstream            

4 Coldstream


5 C0ldstream

                        Coldstream                                                                                                       Shinta           The  Village   Tea  Room                

6 Coldstream Frank Shinta

                                                  Frank   and   Shinta     hot scones at     The Village Tea Room

6 Coldstream

            Timberbush   Driver  in  front  of  Lady  Waterford  Hall     Coldstream      

8 Coldstream Shinta Frank

  Shinta   and  Frank   leaving  The   Village  Tea   Room     Coldstream        

8 Coldstream


10 Coldstream Frank Shinta

Coldstream   Post  Office                                                                                           Frank   and  Shinta            

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