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Reviewed   11  January   2022
John Appleby

   Executed   - The Gallant Exploits of Lieutenant John Appleby, WW2 Resistance Fighter - by Peter Russell Scott, 2021

Australian Army Lieutenant John Appleby was an escaped POW and a member of the Dutch Resistance in Java, where he was betrayed, recaptured, then executed by the Japanese in 1943. Download this excellent PDF book by Peter Russell Scott   click here >>

Anzac index

        ANZAC  &  Lone  Pine     Revisited   -   1975

This is the record of my personal pilgrimage to Anzac Cove in May 1975.  There were - no tour buses; no T.V. cameras; no Politicians  - and the Australian Government was actively discouraging its citizens from going because of the tension between Turkey and Greece.     I went anyway.   click here >>

    Stop Press:   >>Click here to download this free  e-book from Smashwords

Hellingsworth family Ancol

   Indonesia   - Ereveld Ancol - Hellingsworth family from U.K. - 20 June 2019

British GNR J.R. Hellingsworth was beheaded by the Japanese at Subang ('Soebang' Dutch spelling) on 21-2-1942.
Peter Hellingsworth and his family travelled from England to visit his father's grave.   click here >>

Ereveld Ancol 2017

   Indonesia   - Ereveld Ancol - Dutch War Graves - 4 November 2017

The Ancol war cemetery on the coast of North Jakarta, is located on the site where many atrocities took place. Over 2,000 victims, civilian and military, both men and women, are buried here. Victims of the Japanese occupation (1942-45) plus the struggle for independence after the war (1946-49), claimed many more deaths . More than 24,000 people are buried in 7 war cemeteries throughout Java, which are maintained by the Netherlands War Graves Foundation.
        Stop Press: LT John Appleby 2/6th Field Company POW   executed by Japanese Forces 1943, posthumously awarded Australian Commendation for Gallantry, August 2018.   click here >>

Shinta  Edinburgh  London
Frank Tait   &   Shinta        Edinburgh Castle                                                           Shinta    Buckingham  Palace                                                                       

U.K. - England and Scotland - August 2016

Shinta and Duncan travelled to England and Scotland to observe some of the regions contained in Duncan's historical novels 'Culann Chronicals', set in the 7th century. As a bonus we were there during the Edinburgh Festival. These photos record some of the highlights of the trip.     click here >>

Shinta MBA Grenoble

Grenoble MBA - April 2016

Shinta was awarded her MBA by Grenoble University {France} on 1-April-2016. Shinta then travelled with some of her Indonesian graduates to Paris, and on to the Netherlands. These photos record some of the highlights of the trip.
      click here >>

dMAC Shinta Umroh

Umroh - May 2013

Shinta & Duncan performed Umroh (mini Haj) in May 2013. Photos of this special event are shown on the following pages.     click here >>