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North Berwick 2

9 August 2016

Duncan MacDonald  
Jakarta    6   October   2016  
1 Muirfield golf course

  Muirfield   Golf  Course  

2 Muirfield Golf course

      Muirfield    Golf    Clubhouse                      

      Muirfield  has been removed from the Open rota after members of the Honerable Company of Edinburgh Golfers (HCEG), voted against admitting women members - 19 May 2016.

3 Muirfield Golf Course

  Muirfield     Golf    Course  

      Muirfield   was established in 1891.  It was designed by Tom Morris Sr.   and overlooks the Firth of Forth.
It is 4.5 miles (7 km) East of North Berwick.

4 Nth Berwick Shinta Frank

Shinta     Frank                North   Berwick                                      

5 North Berwick Shinta Frank

  Shinta     Frank       North   Berwick              

6 Nth Berwick Frank Shinta

The   Penny Fathing       Frank     Shinta       North  Berwick  

      The Penny Fathing   is a fantastic Second Hand Book Shop, owned by Frank's brother Stuart Tait.   I found it to have an excellent collection of books, particularly on UK history, and all books were very reasonably priced. It is the best second hand book shop I have seen anywhere in Scotland, England, Australia or Indonesia. It is located in 23 Quality St, North Berwick.   email:   stuartnb1@aol.com

7 North Berwick

    North    Berwick    

8 North Berwick Shinta Frank

                      Frank     Shinta        North   Berwick    

Frank   and   Shinta   walking back to our hotel.   Shinta's bag is full of books we bought from The Penny Fathing   

9 North Berick Law Shinta

  Shinta   with   North   Berwick   Law  in Background                    

North Berwick Law   (Lowland Scots word for conical hill)   stands 613 ft (187 m) above sea level.  The summit bears the remains of an Iron Age hill fort.   Also ruins of miitary buildings once used by lookouts in the Napolionic wars, and in World War 2.     

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