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Vindolanda Fort & Museum

6 August 2016

Duncan MacDonald  
Jakarta  20  September   2016      
1 Vindolanda

Vindolanda Fort and village    - artist   impression                                                   Entrance                             

The earliest Roman forts at Vindolanda were built of wood and turf. The first, a small fort was probably built by the 1st Cohort of Tungrians about AD 85.
That was about 40 years before Hadrian's Wall was built.               

2 Vindolanda


3 Vindolanda

Bus Driver     Frank   Shinta                                   Vindolanda   ruins

  Vindolanda lies about 1 mile south of Hadrian's Wall.  

4 Vindolanda

Vindolanda                                                                      Frank                      Shinta                                                     

5 Vindolanda

Vindolanda         Shinta     Frank                                                                               Roman    milestone       

At the side of the Stangate road is the famous Roman milestone still standing  
to its full height in its original position - the only surviver of the thousands of milestones that once lined Rome's roads in Britain.
Its inscription, probably giving the milage to Roman Corbridge (Coria) as well as the name of the emperor under whom
it was erected, has long been worn away, by cattle rubbing themselves against it

6 Vindolanda

        Vindolanda   Museum                                                 Tourists inspecting Vindolanda ruins

7 Vindolanda

  This building is a replica of an 18th century Croft,   a small-holding or farm-house type building on Vindolanda  

8 Vindolanda

Jupiter   Dolichenus    Roman   God                       Alter pieces produced by the excellent stonemasons stationed at Vindolanda

 Jupiter Dolichenus was an ancient god who was adopted by the Romans when they conquered the lands which now form southern Turkey. Dolichenus was a god of weather & metal working. His worship involved feasting. He is most often shown as a bearded male wearing a pointed cap, standing on a bull with lightning bolts in one hand and an axe or hammer in the other.   Unlike the worship of Mithras which was a male only cult, Dolichenus' followers included men and women from different social backgrounds

8 Vindolanda

                Replica  Wooden   Fort   and   Walls                                                  The Southern Gate of the wooden pre-Hadrianic forts

  These wooden posts stand directly above the original south-gate tower
of the large timber forts, dating to the period AD 90 - 105.  

10 Vindolanda

The replica turf wall with a timber milecastle gateway            This wooden replica was built in 1972/74   to give a more accurate impression of the original timber fort

11 Vindolanda

Replica timber milecastle gateway - viewed from inside on the turf wall

12 Vindolanda

Replica of a section of Hadrian's Wall - a length of the stone wall with a turret                                            

13 Vindolanda

Turret as seen from the stone wall                                                                        View of the stone wall from the turret  

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