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North Berwick

8 August 2016

Duncan MacDonald  
Jakarta    4  October   2016  
1 North Berwick

  To   North   Berwick   from   Edinburgh

2 North Berwick

                          Nether  Abbey   Hotel     North Berwick                                                                         Church

3 North Berwick Shinta Frank

Jeanette       Shinta         Frank                        

4 North Berwick  Shinta

North   Berwick                                                                                                 Shinta                            

5 North Berwick

  North   Berwick     Churches                            

6 North Berwick Shinta Frank

Shinta     Frank       North   Berwick                                                  

7 N0rth Berwick Shinta Frank

       Frank   and   Shinta   at Frank's   apartment                                               

8 North Berwick Shinta Frank

                      Shinta     Frank    with   Peter the Painter     renovating   Frank's  apartment

9 North Berwick

    View from Frank's apartment               Frank             -     Peter the Painter   looking   down   from   apartment  

10 North Berwick Shinta Frank

    Shinta     Frank       North   Berwick   beach      

11a North Berwick

North   Berwick                         Kate   Watson     Celtic  Cross          

                             Kate Watson age 19, died 28 July 1889. Kate swam out to sea in an attempt to  rescue two boys and a girl,
who had been swept out by the tide.   She died in the attempt, but the children were eventually saved by the coast guard.
This monument, in the shape of a Celtic Cross, was erected by her fellow-students of the Glagow School of Arts 

11 North Berwick Shinta

        Frank    Shinta        North   Berwick   beach            

12 North Berwick Shinta

  Shinta     Frank           Scottish   Seabird   Centre         North   Berwick              

13 North Berwick

    WW2  Coast   Watcher                                         Tribute   to  Royal   Air Force   Coastal   Command   in   Scotland          

                                    Bass Rock  (white)   is in the background on the horizon

14 North Berwick Bass Rock Shinta

                                                                                    Bass   Rock                                                                         Shinta   scanning   Bass   Rock

    Bass Rock is the remnants of a volcanic plug formed during siesmic activity 350 million years ago. It is 313 ft high.
    Saint Baldred, a Christian hermit, had a chapel built on Bass Rock in the sixth century. A ruined castle lies on the
    south side dating back to 1405. The largest number of visitors to North Berwick fly in every year and build their
    nests on Bass Rock. It is home to over 150,000 gannets at the peak of the breading season, as well as a whole
    host of other seabirds and marine wildlife. It is the largest 'single rock' colony of northern gannets in the world.                                

14 North Berwick Shinta

                                          North   Berwick   Marina                                                                                    Shinta  

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