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7 August 2016

Duncan MacDonald  
Jakarta  28  September   2016  
1 Alnwick

The     Alnwick     Garden              

The Alnwick Garden is complex of formal gardens adjacent to Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, England.   The first garden was laid down in 1750 by the 1st Duke of Northumberland, who employed the celebrated Northumberland gardener known as Capability Brown (actual name: Lancelot Brown). The gardens have a long history but fell into disrepair in the 20th century and was closed as a working garden in 1950. Redevelopment of the garden was instigated by Jane Percy, Dutchess of Northumberland in 1997. It was reopend in October 2001. It is now owned by a registered charity; The Alnwick Garden Trust.     see     www.alnwickgarden.com

2 Alnwick

  Alnwick   Grand   Cascade  Fountain  

3 Alnwick Shinta Frank

  Alnwick   Drop  In                                           Shinta   and   Frank                              

The Drop  In is a unique restaurant in Alnwick, specifically for 'older people in Northumberland'. i.e. they cater exclusively for the Over Fifty brigade.   Frank and I qualified easily, but it was very gracious of them to accept Shinta.   It's open every Thursday, Friday and Sunday 11am - 4pm. Music, books, and company are provided, as well as play cards, chess, dominoes, jigsaws and more! Oh yes, there is also free tea, coffee and light refreshments.
We were impressed with the excellent service and low cost, so we left a substantial tip. The women working there (Sue Simpson and Yvonne Dale - among others), do so for free, so they aparently treated it as a donation to the Trust. When we arrived back in Jakarta, we received a surprise package from Jane, Dutchess of Northumberland, who is the trustee, thanking us for our 'donation'.

4 Alnwick Drop In

  The wondrful volunteer ladies at the   Drop   In   who provide the food, drinks and company.  

4 Alnwick Shinta Frank

The Drop In          Shinta   and  Frank                                                                                                       Alnwick Castle           

6 Alnwick castle

Alnwick   Castle                                                                                     Frank  Alnwick   Castle

8 Alnwick castle

  Alnwick  Castle

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