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North Berwick to London

11 August 2016

Duncan MacDonald  
Jakarta    10   October   2016  
1-Nth Berwick Shinta

  Shinta   packing   for   trip   to  London                                                                       View   from   hotel   window      

2 Shinta Nth Berwick

North Berwick train station                                         Shinta   North Berwick train to Edinburgh  

3 To Edinburgh

To Edinburgh from North Berwick                                                                                     Prestonpans

4 Edinburgh Frank Shinta

                        Edinburgh                                             Frank kindly came to Edinburgh station to wish Shinta and me a safe journey

6 Berwick-on-Tweed

        Scottish Thistle                                                                                                                   Berwick-upon-Tweed

7-to Newcastle

  To     Newecastle    

8 to Newcastle

    To   Newcastle    

                                The  Tyne   Bridge   Newcastle                                                                                  Newcastle  Railway   Station

    The  Tyne Bridge   in Newcastle is a Through Arch Bridge  constructed 1925-1928.
It was built by Dorman Long and Co. of Middlesbrough, which also erected the much larger Sydney Harbour Bridge (1923-1932).              


  Newcastle to York                                                                                          York Railway Station

11-Kings Cross Shinta

Kings Cross Station                                                        Shinta collecting bages from Highland Chieftain

12 St Pancras Shinta

St   Pancras / Kings Cross stations   -   Euston Rd                                                                      Shinta   from  Pullman   hotel   Kings   Cross                            

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