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5 August 2016

Duncan MacDonald  
Jakarta  17  September   2016      
Shinta Edinburgh

      Shinta coffee shop                          North Bridge                                            Shinta   Frank Tait   North Bridge   Edinburgh

Frank Tait (known in Scotland as Errol),   who runs his own Maintenance business in Jakarta,  (www.maintama.com)
was visiting family in North Berwick, and kindly acted as our guide.  

2 edinburgh

Edinburgh      Festival

3 Edinburgh

Frank     Shinta         Edinburgh   Festival

4 Edinburgh

Adam Smith                                                                     Edinburgh                                                               Alexander The Great &  Bucephalus

Adam Smith was a Scottish moral philosopher, pioneer of political economy & key figure in the Scottish Enlightenment. He is best known for his classic works including The Wealth of Nations, which is considered the first modern work of economics - Died: 1790 Edinburgh.

5 Edinburgh

Shinta     Frank             Edinburgh       Church    

6 Edinburgh Duncan

Edinburgh Church                       Duncan                                               Robert Louis Stevenson

  R.L. Stevenson was a Scottish novelist, poet, essayist and travel writer.  
His most famous works are: Treasure Island,  Kidnapped   and The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde  -   Died: 1894 in Samoa.  

7 Edinburgh

John   Knox                                                                                                    Edinburgh                 Church

 John Knox was a Scottish minister, theologian and writer, considered the founder of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland - Died: 1572 in Edinburgh. 

8 Edinburgh

        Festival Piper                             Stationary Cyclist                     Invisable Man               Yoda       Best of all - Middle East Balancing Act

9 Edinburgh Shinta  Frank

                    Frank   Shinta       Edinburgh   Castle

9a Edinburgh Tattoo

  The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo   venue                             Shinta   Frank         Edinburgh   Tattoo   venue
The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is an annual series of Military tattoos performed by British Armed Forces, Commonwealth and International military bands, and display teams on the esplanade of Edinburgh Castle. The event takes place annually throughout August as part of the Edinburgh Festival.

10 Edinburgh  Shinta  Frank

                          Frank   Shinta     The Elephant House   Edinburgh    
The Elephant House (opened in 1995), gained fame after best selling author J.K. Rowlings admitted writing much of her early Harry Potter  novels in the back room overlooking Edinburgh Castle. Rowlings used a typewriter. Her fist book was published in 1997, after being rejected by twelve publishing houses. The Harry Potter   series have sold over 400 million copies, to become the best selling book series in history.

11 Edinburgh  Shinta  Frank

                        Edinburgh Museum                                                         Frank     Shinta

12 Edinburgh  Shinta

Shinta       James  Watt                                     Edinburgh   Museum                                         The   Lewis  Chess  Set

James Watt was a Scottish inventor, mechanical engineer, and chemist who improved
on Thomas Newcomen's 1712 steam engine with his Watt steam engine in 1781,
which was fundamental to the changes brought by the Industrial Revolution to the
rest of the world.    Died: 1819 Handsworth, England age 83.

The Lewis Chess Pieces were discovered in Uig Bay, Isle of Lewis in 1831.
There were enough for at least four complete chess sets.   Before being
buried  for safe-keeping they were probably destined for sale   to the lords
of the Western Isles.   They had already crossed the North Sea   and were
probably made in Trondheim, Norway from Walrus ivory and whales'
teeth in the 12th century

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