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Birdoswald Fort   &   Moffat

6 August 2016

Duncan MacDonald  
Jakarta  21  September   2016      
1 Birdoswald

Rabbies Tour bus at Birdoswald    -                                                     Birdoswald   Roman   Fort                        

To the west of the river Irthing, Hadrian's Wall was first built of turf. In this sector the regular fortlets known as milecastles were built of turf and timber, while the turrets between them were built of stone.  The fort was built astride the Wall. The stone fort at 2.14 hectares was one of the larger forts on Hadrian's Wall.   After the fort walls were finished (sometime before AD 138) the first five miles of turf Wall were rebuilt in stone.

2 Birdoswald  Shinta

  to   Birdoswald   Roman   Fort                                                                                                      Shinta                          

3 birdoswald

      Birdoswald   Fort                                                                                                                    

One of the more important recent discoveries on Hadrian's Wall is that   Birdoswald continued to be occupied beyond the end of Roman Britain in AD 409. Some of the best evidence of this comes from the reused Roman graineries, a series of hall-type buildings.   It is clear from the latest archialogical research, that its occupation continued without a break from the late Roman period, marking a radical change in the life of the fort after the collapse of the Roman administration and economy. The Roman military unit, already subject to late Roman local recruitment and hereditary service, perhaps became more a local war band, possibly even a small local chiefdom, whose members woud have continued to regard themselves as 'Roman'.

4 Birdoswald  Shinta

             Shinta                   Hadrian's   Wall                                                        

4a Moffat

 Moffat    main  street                      

Moffat in Scotland, lies on the river Annan and has a population of around 2,500. It was a centre of the wool trade and a spa town.

6 Moffat Shinta

          Shinta     Balmoral   Hotel   Moffat            

Frank Shinta Balmoral hotel

  Frank  and  Shinta     enjoying  a  wee   dram

Dram comes from Scottish Gaelic - the literal meaning in English is simply 'drink' , although it's normally used to indicate whisky or spirits

8 Moffat  Frank  Shinta

  Frank  and   Shinta     outside  the  Balmoral  Hotel  

9 Moffat


Moffat   (Scottish Gaelic: Am Magh Fada, 'The Long Plain')

10 Moffat

Annandale Arms Hotel     was recently awarded the 4 stars by Food Review Scotland      

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