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7 August 2016

Duncan MacDonald  
Jakarta  27  September   2016  
1 Lindisfarne

Approaching     Lindisfarne              

The Holy Island of Lindisfarne is a tidal island off the northeast coast of England. It is also known as Holy Island. It is linked to the mainland by a causeway which twice a day is covered by the tide. Lindisfarne was founded by St. Aidan, a Celtic monk who came from Iona, the centre of Celtic Christianity in Britain. St. Aidan converted Northumbria to Christianity at the invittation of its king, Oswald. St. Aidan founded Lindisfarne Monastery on Holy Island in AD 635.

2 Lindisfarne

    Lindisfarne     causeway 

3 lindisfarne Shinta Frank

      Lindisfarne                                                                                     Shinta   and   Frank                              

The Lindisfarne Gospels, a 7th century illuminated Latin manuscript, was written here and is now in the British Museum.

4 Lindisfarne

          Modern statue of Saint Aidan                                                             Lindisfarne  

5 Lindisfarne Frank Shinta

 Lindisfarne    Frank     Shinta                                                  tombstone  -   Shinta background    

6 Lindisfarne

Lindisfarne   Priory                                                                                                       Capt   Thomas  McDonald  

served in India    d 1865   age 73  

7 Lindisfarne

  Lindisfarne   Church                                                                                                                   Margaret   Russell    

wife of John Russell  
d 1856    age 24  

8a Lindisfarne

  Lindisfarne       Bed   &   Breakfast        

9 Lindisfarne

                    Leaving       Lindisfarne  

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