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Umroh - Madinah - 5

21 May 2013 - Quba Mosque

Duncan MacDonald  
Jakarta  27  June   2013   

      We bus to Quba Mosque which is located on the outskirts of Madinah. It is the oldest mosque in the world. The first stones were positioned by the prophet Muhammad as soon as he arrived from his flight from Makkah. The mosque was completed by his companions in 622 AD.
      It has 6 domes and 4 minarets. Rebuilt in 1986 it retained its simple Madinah architecture; ribbed white domes with basalt facing and modest exterior. The couryard is flagged with black, red and white marble.
      Muhammad used to go to this mosque every Saturday, on foot or sometimes riding, and offer two rak'ah prayer. He advised others to do the same, saying, "Whoever makes abultions at home and then goes and prays in the Mosque of Quba, he will have a reward like that of an Umroh".



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Madinah military
1: Saudi military - from bus outside InterContinental hotel, en route to Quba mosque-enlarge
2: Madinah construction site (one of many)-enlarge
Quba mosque
3: Quba mosque-enlarge
4: Madinah - Top Center-enlarge
Shinta mosque
5: Shinta approaching Quba Mosque-enlarge
Duncan mosque
6: Duncan Quba Mosque-enlarge
Quba mosque
7: Men praying in Quba mosque-enlarge
Madinah mosque
8: Notice on wall of Quba mosque-enlarge
Quba mosque
9: Quba Mosque-enlarge
Mosque door
10: Gold inlay door - Quba mosque-enlarge
Quba mosque
11: Mens prayer shoe station-enlarge
Quba mosque
12: Quba Mosque-enlarge
Quba mosque
13: Quba Mosque-enlarge
Quba mosque
14: Quba mosque-enlarge
Quba mosque
15: Quba Mosque - new group of pilgrims- -enlarge
Quba mosque
16: Guide Sukarno checking messages at Quba Mosque-enlarge
17: Shops opposite Quba Mosque-enlarge
18: Shops & restaurants opposite Quba Mosque-enlarge
Quba mosque
19: Photo op, Quba mosque-enlarge
Duncan & Shinta
20: Duncan & Shinta Quba mosque-enlarge
Duncan & Shinta tour group
21: Shinta & Duncan with Al Amin Tour Group-enlarge
Shinta Madinah
22: Shinta outside Quba Mosque-enlarge
Shinta & Duncan
23: Shinta & Duncan-enlarge
Al Dar Hospital
24: Al Dar Hospital opposit Quba Mosque -enlarge
Quba Mosque
25: Cleaners at Quba Mosque-enlarge
Shinta Quba mosque
26: Shinta at Quba Mosque-enlarge
Shinta Madinah
27: Shinta boarding tour bus leaving Quba Mosque-enlarge


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