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Umroh - Madinah - 1

20 May 2013 - Mosque of the Prophet

Duncan MacDonald  
Jakarta  25  June   2013   

      We visit Al-Masjid al-Nabawī, Mosque of the Prophet. Duncan is taken by our guide Abdullah, to see Muhammad's Tomb. Women are not allowed to view it. The Prophet Muhammad died around noon on Monday June 8, in the year 632, in Madinah. He fell ill 10 days earlier and most likely died of bacterial meningitis, a disease that was known throughout the Middle East since the start of recorded history. He was 63 years old.

Click on enlarge under the photo to see a larger image.

1: Street scene just outside our InterContinental hotel at Madinah -enlarge
Madinah car
2: a typical car we saw in Saudi - no interest in fixing dings & scratches- no pride of ownership. I'm told they have to report each indcedent to police if they make an ins claim-enlarge
Madinah Shinta
3: Shinta at a local street market-enlarge
Shinta Madinah
4: Shinta at Madinah street market. Al-Masjid al-Nabawī or the Prophet's Mosque at the rear-enlarge
Prophet's mosque
5: Entrance to Al-Masjid al-Nabawī, Mosque of the Prophet. The giant umbrellas are folded up at night.-enlarge
6: Al-Masjid al-Nabawī-enlarge
Shinta Prophets Mosque
7: Shinta at the Prophet's Mosque-enlarge
Shinta Prophet's Mosque
8: Shinta at Prophet's Mosque-enlarge
Duncan Madinah
9: Duncan at Al-Masjid al-Nabawī, Mosque of the Prophet-enlarge
10: Madinah is surrounded by hills-enlarge
11: Entering Al-Masjid al-Nabawī, Mosque of the Prophet-enlarge
Shinta Madinah
12: Shinta at the Prophet's Mosque-enlarge
Shinta mosque
13: Shinta outside the Womans Door at the Prophet's Mosque-enlarge
Shinta giving alms
14: Shinta giving alms-enlarge
15: Prophet's Mosque - womans door - -enlarge
16: Prophet's Mosque-enlarge
17: Prophet's Mosque-enlarge
18: Prophet's Mosque-enlarge
call to prayer
19: Call to prayer-enlarge
20: Mosque of the Prophet-enlarge
21: Praying in the Mosque of the Prophet-enlarge
Muhammad's tomb
22: Muhammad's tomb -enlarge
Muhammad's tomb
23: Muhammad's tomb -enlarge
24: behind the Prophet's tomb. The military are pretty casual.-enlarge
25: Praying at the Prophet's Tomb-enlarge
26: Mosque of the Prophet -enlarge
Green Zone Guardians
27: The two Green Zone Guardians who I met. 'Australi, Australi, Muslim Australi?'-enlarge
28: Mosque of the Prophet -enlarge
29: to Madinah-enlarge
30: Prophet's Mosque -enlarge
31: Mosque of the Prophet, Green zone -enlarge
32: Mosque of the Prophet-enlarge
33: Prophet's Mosque - Abdullah-enlarge
Duncan & Abdullah
34: Mosque of the Prophet- Duncan & Abdullah -enlarge
Shinta & Abdullah
35: Shinta & Abdullah-enlarge
Duncan Shinta
36: Duncan & Shinta -enlarge


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